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Milo and his sweet family…

What a perfect fall day for this family! The sun shining, fall leaves still in their last bit of color…beautiful.  And Milo with his chocolate brown eyes…captivated me from the beginning.  Loved his sweet smile as well! 

I love hearing bits and pieces about my clients.  And Deborah, she surprised me by telling me she used to be a dancer…still does now and then!  But she full on knows how to swing dance.  I’m envious of that…I completely have two left feet…yes, yes I do.  Its pretty hilarious.  Something about swing dancing…though, has such a happy vibe and feel to it.  And that completely describes Andrew and Deborah.  Both were just happy to be hanging out and watching Milo run around.  Beautiful for me to observe. 

Enjoy some of our pics from that day! 


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