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Sun flare – I heart faces –

So…I’m thinking many of you all ready know…that I simply love the sun.  And no, not just because it makes me look better. ;p  But because of how it makes my clients look.  I especially LOVE the soft golden colors and the halo effect around their hair.  Which is a number one reason I schedule sessions close to sunset. 
But the sun, can add some serious beautiful emotion to a picture.  Makes you want to dive right into that photo and feel it.  Well, it does for me.  ;p  This sweet picture…a little girl, playing in her own little world.  Was unaware of really anything but her imagination.   BUT this shot, with the sun, the mountains and that sweet beautiful light will probably go down as one of my favorites. 

There are SO many touching, beautiful portraits going on over at I heart faces this week…click on the link below to check them out!  Thanks for stopping by! 


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