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Paul and Kaitlyn on the very first day of the new year shared their vows with their friends and loved ones at the gorgeous Boulder First Presbyterian.  It made for the most stunning getting ready photos for Kaitlyn and her bridal party.  Big tall stain glass windows and beautiful natural light…simply took my breath away.   I absolutely adored watching Kaitlyn laugh and love on each of her friends there.  She has a way of making each person feel completely appreciated and cared for.  Her happiness and ability to just be in every moment of the wedding day was truly beautiful.  I could see why Paul and Kait were such a great pair together and they both have this ability in making everyone around them laugh and be so at ease.  Probably one of my favorites about this couple was the way Paul took care of Kaitlyn.  Whether it the way he would help her carry her dress, flowers or just tell her…ALL the day long how beautiful she was…Kaitlyn knew just how precious she was to him.  Love that about them.

   The wedding was urban, glitzy, and oh so glamerous.  But the special touches of  notes that Paul and Kait wrote to all of their guests underneath their table seating cards and the mugs to use for the night showed such a sweet personal side to their wedding.  I was so in love with their doughnut wall…I seriously hope this is a trend for 2017.  So much fun!  It was a gorgeous candle lit reception with lots of laughter and sweet dance moves.  I would love to share a few of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day.  To see more head on over to my facebook page

Elizabeth Ann Photography

Also, at the end of this wedding will be all the lovely and many talented vendors that helped make this day possible for Kaitlyn and Paul.  So loved working with all of you!  Congrats Kaitlyn and Paul.  You were simply a dream couple to work for!

Elizabeth Ann Photography
2nd Photographer | Kate’s Lens Photography
Church | First Presbyterian of Boulder
Reception | Ascent
Wedding Coordinator | Ally Creel
Florist | The Painted Primrose Floral Studio
Donuts | Voodoo Doughnut
Caterer | Green’s Point

  • February 2, 2017 - 8:21 pm

    Krystal R - Lovely details and gorgeous couple!ReplyCancel

Estes Park Weddings in the winter…completely takes my breath away.  Of course there is the what if it snows 4 feet on the day of the wedding fear but for Erin and Stith it was actually in the 40’s.   Crazy perfect weather.  Blue skies and a little windy but that is to be expected in Colorado.  What I loved about Erin is that she had on big tall snow boots on underneath her beautiful wedding gown.  She was so willing to hike anywhere in that gorgeous dress.  I loved that.  I love their sense of adventure together as a couple and how Estes Park for them was a destination wedding.  They had their closest friends and family join them for an intimate ceremony.  Watching Erin and Stith laugh and tear up through the ceremony reminded me how special it is that I get to photograph and witness such beautiful moments.   The Taharra Mountain Lodge was so stunning in that its right in the foothills and overlooks the Rocky Mountain National Park.   We went and hiked around a beautiful lake for their first look.  I loved how happy and just so at ease they both were once they saw each other.  Stith was so helpful with Erin and it was easy to see how much this couple adores each other.  I could not be happier for them!  Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful Estes Park Wedding!

 To see more head on over to my facebook page:

Elizabeth Ann Photography  

I’ll also be sharing all the many talented vendors that were involved in making this day special for Erin and Stith at the end of this post.   Congrats to Erin and Stith.   It was simply an honor to have been part of your beautiful day!

Elizabeth Ann Photography

2nd Photographer | Spika Photography

Venue | Taharaa Mountain Lodge

Wedding Coordinator | Ansley Event Design, LLC

Florist | Project Floral

Cake and Cupcakes | Colorado Rose Cake Co.

  • January 27, 2017 - 6:33 am

    MIchele with one L - Wow! That light, that location, the flowers, that couple — everything about this day is gorgeous, and I love every single shot! You captured this perfectly!!ReplyCancel

Okay, so the title is deceiving.   How can I possibly pick a favorite from each wedding?  How can I narrow down a day that is filled with the up most care from my clients on beautiful details?  Or how can I choose a moment?  Or OMG all the sunsets I’ve spent with countless couples this year?  How on earth do I choose a favorite?  And the fact is I didn’t.  I chose images that I love and sadly wanted to post ALL of my pictures…but that would be in the thousands and I just didn’t think my computer could handle that much pretty.  😉

 Every client that steps in front of my lens becomes my whole everything for the day.  We share many months of planning, walk throughs if possible, phone dates, coffee dates, or shoot even wine dates.   I get to know my clients through email, facebook, instagram or even things that they are drawn towards on pinterest.  I am emotionally invested in all of my clients…so their day simply becomes incredibly special to me.  I hold my breath and get nervous if weather is predicting crazy.  I’m two seconds away from going to Target and grabbing 20 umbrellas if thats the case and I’ll rock that rain like it was planned.  😉 I know what my couples hope for and dream for and every time I work to give them back something tangible and emotional that represents their beautiful wedding.

This past year has been an incredible year for me.   I’ve photographed cold snowy weddings.  I’m talking 5 degrees…its not easy to photograph in that temp as my fingers start moving slower.   My lens starts clicking at a slower pace too but its always incredible to see the snowy Colorado mountains with my sweet clients…worth it every time.   One of my favorite weddings this year had rain ALL the way up to the ceremony and the sun broke out and created the most amazing light I’ve ever photographed in my career.  Lets just say I kind of hope for rain and sun on my clients wedding day now.  If only it could be timed perfectly every time.  Winter, spring, summer and fall…my clients have kept me busy chasing this sweet career of mine.  And I absolutely adored every minute of it.  I’ve met incredible vendors that work and dream just as much as I do.  I’ve seen so many vendors pull together and create the most beautiful weddings for their clients.  A wedding is made up of so many hands.  The photos, they make my job what it is.    They help create the magic.  And if you ever need a name or a certain vendor I have many that I would recommend.

So I’m calling this a highlight of 2016…images that I chose that reflect what type of photographer I am as well as images that simply make me smile or because the light was freaking amazing.  Or it could be I remember why my client is laughing or smiling at his/her love.  All of the above.  Happy Sunday friends.  I simply can not wait to see what 2017 Weddings will bring.   Thank you to my sweet clients of 2016…your beautiful weddings, sweet engagements, words of encouragement and unbelievable support have been absolutely priceless.


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    shanna - Wow, these are absolutely beautiful!!ReplyCancel

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    Jennifer - Wow…you had such a beautiful year. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2017.ReplyCancel

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    Linnie - All of these photos are stunning. That GIANT peony is perfection.ReplyCancel

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    Kourtney - Everything about these is stunning; the settings, the wardrobes, the PEOPLE, the special moments you captured – so beautiful!ReplyCancel

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    Victoria Schneider - What a beautiful year! you have got some serious talent! Cheers to more beautiful work in 2017. Really loved everything about this.
    Victoria Schneider

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    Courtney - You are so amazing at what you do!! Your photos are so beautiful!ReplyCancel

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    Michelle Guzman - Looks like 2016 was a great year. Beautiful images. 🙂ReplyCancel

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    Stefani - What a beautiful collection of images. Looks like 2016 was a fantastic year!ReplyCancel

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    Kim Jundt - You have such a beautiful way of writing! You are my hero!!! 🙂 These pictures are timeless and romanticReplyCancel

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    Valerie - Omg your photos are absolutely stunning! Lighting and editing is on point and you captured some great candid moments too. Great job!ReplyCancel

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    Jaymie - Wow your work is insanely beautiful!!ReplyCancel

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    Valerie - These are all so beautiful! You did an amazing job!ReplyCancel

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    Amber Gossett - It looks like you had a beautiful year friend. You have some amazing skills! Cheers to a successful year ahead!ReplyCancel

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Ohhhhh, its my favorite time of year.  Reflection on the past year and not only that but I do a highlight blog post of my engagement sessions as well as my wedding’s at the end of the year.  My wedding highlight will come next week as I have a wedding in Estes Park next week…and they need to make the best of 2016 weddings one too.  <3

So looking back…its obvious I’m a mountain girl photographer.  Haha…sure I had a few urban sessions thrown in to stretch my creativity and I loved that.  But for the most part that quote…the Mountains are calling…yeah, thats me.  🙂 I met so many unique couples and I’m beyond excited to photograph their wedding in 2017…that is if I haven’t all ready done that this year.  I love that I can see growth in my connections with my clients.  I love that I can see real emotion in many of these images.  And as always…I love light.  Its a huge factor on why many of my clients come to me to be their photographer.  It simply lights up my soul to see sun and the way it can pull in so much warmth and emotion in an image.   A lot of these images are focused more on my clients interacting with each other.  Do I take photos where everyone smiles for the camera?  Yes, I most definitely do.    I’ve just never been drawn towards those the most.  So you get to see what I love in my work.  🙂

This year for my engagement sessions, I woke up at 3am, hiked in several miles to photograph a sunrise in the mountain of Colorado with a sweet couple. I watched many beautiful sunsets with my clients as we chased the last bit of daylight.  I climbed a few mountain trails while carrying about 25 to 30 lbs of camera gear.  Shoot my bag is kind of heavy to begin with.  I should have huge muscles…sadly I don’t.  All though I am working on that.  Haha…ask me about crossfit sometime and you’ll wish you didn’t.  😉  I walked through the streets of Denver and had a homeless man sing me the coolest song.  I walked through cold streams of water, photographed sessions in 5 degrees with crazy wind…not sure who’s crazier me or my client for doing this.  On that note…I’ve hiked through several feet of snow with me wondering if it was a drift or if it was the edge of the cliff.  Not my finest hour.   But here is the thing, my job, I have so many adventures.  I go all over Colorado and I get to hang out with the coolest people.  PS I want to travel more in 2017.  I’m putting it out there in the great wide world…email me and I just might take up your adventure out of state.  😉

I simply love what I do.  And here are the gorgeous clients that made this year another full time wedding photography gig.  <3 Love you guys.  Thank you for the sweet support, your words of encouragement, your beautiful reviews and for trusting me with so many of your big life moments.  Can’t wait for my 2017 clients!  For now here is a little of what I was up to this year for engagement sessions in Colorado.

  • December 22, 2016 - 11:12 pm

    Ashley - Amazing 2016! Gorgeous photos of beautiful people😀ReplyCancel

So many thoughts to share on this sweet wedding…its hard to know where to begin.  Jenny and I have become friends through out the year.  In fact, you could say Jenny and Dave remind me of me and my hubs.  The manly man guy (yes, he’s a ranger so I get to say that) with the bubbly but often shy girl.  Well, that is what I would say from the outside looking in.  There were so many times through out their wedding day that I caught Dave looking at Jenny with so much emotion in his expression.  He adores her.  I loved the way Jenny would look right back and him with  the biggest smile on her face.  They make each other so happy.  When they saw each other for the first time with Garden of the Gods as their backdrop…ahhhh, they quickly hugged and just laughed…but it was so stunning and emotional to see it.    I LOVED that.  Its so them.  When their friends and family joined them for the bridal party pics…its was insanely windy.  But the whole bridal party was so supportive of Jenny and Dave.  I loved that you could see how close everyone was with each other.  That the relationships these two have with them…they have a team of people supporting them in their marriage.  Beautiful!

All through out the wedding day the family would hug me or tell me how glad they were that I was there to photograph Jenny and Dave.  I felt completely welcomed and part of this couples beautiful wedding day from start to finish.  The Pinery was decorated with twinkly Christmas tree lights, lanterns with candles and roses.  Wood cutouts and signs all through out the reception.  Everyone received an ornament and when it came time to dance…they did not disappoint.  One of my favorite moments was at the end when the DJ played the Piano man.  Everyone surrounded Jenny and Dave and the two danced and laughed as they were about to have their send off.  One of my favorite images of the day was of the two of them dancing during the reception.  Their smiles were completely contagious.  At the end the guests gathered outside to through biodegradable snow at the couple.  SO unique and fun!  I can not say enough how simply stunning and wonderful this couple is.  They are incredibly gracious, generous and so fun to be around!  I absolutely adored working for you both and wish you both many blessings on your new marriage!

To see more of this wedding head on over to my facebook page:

Elizabeth Ann Photography

Also, at the end of this post will be a list of all the lovely and oh so talented vendors that helped make this beautiful wedding possible.

Elizabeth Ann Photography | 2nd Photographer Brink Street Photography
Venue and Florist | The Pinery
Wedding Coordinator | Michelle with The Pinery
Cake | Garden of the Gods Gourmet
Makeup Artist | Nicole Toledo
Hair Stylist | Joey from Megan Cary
Videographer | Motion Artisan
Bridal Gown | Bridal World wearing Justin Alexander
Robes – Etsy shop – Chez Blanc
Flower Girl – Dress Light in the Box
Groomsmen Attire – Men’s Wearhouse and Kenneth Cole ties

  • December 15, 2016 - 4:14 pm

    Julie Livermore - Jaw dropping images! Such a gorgeous couple and I adore their color scheme. Love the image of their first dance…groom is looking at her so sweetly.ReplyCancel

  • December 15, 2016 - 6:18 pm

    Michele with one L - So beautiful and timeless! Gorgeous location. Stunning couple!! I could look at these images all day long.ReplyCancel

  • December 16, 2016 - 2:33 pm

    Shebli Nikkole - So gorgeous! I love the colors they chose for their wedding.ReplyCancel

  • December 16, 2016 - 7:14 pm

    Candice Benjamin - The bridesmaids dresses are so beautiful! Perfect color for the perfect location!ReplyCancel

  • December 16, 2016 - 8:02 pm

    Taylor Fisher - Oh my gosh, the fur! Their colors! His uniform! BEAUTIFUL wedding and perfectly captured, Elizabeth!ReplyCancel

  • December 19, 2016 - 11:05 pm

    Jenny jacobs - Greetings from St. Lucia!!! This is just beautiful!! Every detail you wrote just brings me back to our wedding day and all of the photos are so beautiful I am just so happy every time I see these pictures!! You described us and the details of the night exactly to the T!! I love hearing that you and your hubs are like us!!! I had a feeling!! <3 We truly feel so lucky to have found you! Our pictures are just out of this world and we keep getting compliments on a daily basis on how stunning our pictures are and how they just look like a magazine! I couldn't of asked for anyone better to truly capture our Colorado wedding, I don't think any photographer can capture this scenery as you do!! You have been amazing to work with and a friend to the end! Dave and I can't thank you enough!! Lots of love! Jenny and Dave ❤️❤️❤️ReplyCancel

  • December 20, 2016 - 4:27 pm

    Rayna McGinnis - What an awesome wedding!! I just love those bridemaid dresses, the back of them is stunning!ReplyCancel