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I like the way they smile at each other.  Its an interesting thing being a photographer.  I’m naturally trained to notice random things lol.  All while hoping to photograph the scenery and my couple in a flattering way.  But I’m very quick to notice just how my couples interact with each other.  YES, most of my couples walk in not knowing what to expect.  I mean they do…but when its their own personal session…that is a different story.  And I admit the same in return.    Many might feel shy being in front of the camera…ummm, that would be me should there ever be a camera in front of me where I’m not in control of the shutter.  ;p  I spend a lot of the time talking to my clients during the shoot.  I want them to forget that its about a session and more about how they are interacting as a couple.   I loved the little things that told me just how treasured Mandy is.  Alex would help her with the bag, or he would naturally just lean into her and smile down at her, or the way he would hold her hand without being told to.  This.  Its a beautiful thing to see.  I loved the way Mandy would make Alex laugh.  Or the way she would talk about him.  These two are so obviously smitten with each other that photographing them was a dream.  Add in gorgeous light…and to be honest, Colorado was saying HEAVY rain lol and we ended up with an epic sunset.  ;p  COlorado likes to keep me guessing all the time.  Also, it should be noted that their dog Scout has the best ears and most photogenic face ever.  I wanted to just stop and pet Scout the whole session haha.  Anyway, ADORABLE.  I’d love to share a few of my favorites from this session.

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Thank you so much Mandy and Alex!  I can not wait to photograph your beautiful wedding in October!

So much to love about this wedding that its hard to figure out where to start on describing this day and this couple.  Their relationship began in their early high school years.  Kelsie was working at a concession stand at a pool…oh yes, SO brought to mind The Sandlot.  Haha…anyway, Colton met her and lets just say he was smitten from day one.  And you could tell on their wedding day that nothing had changed there.  One of my favorite photos is when he helps her walk up the stairs to him where they say their vows…ahh, the look he gives her…so beautiful.  She is well loved.

 The details at this wedding… so beautiful and glamorous.  I loved the touches of gold and navy blue all through out the reception hall.  And the floral work at The Pinery…WOW.  Seriously, they are so amazing at what they do.   Kelsie had made sure that  the  tables were set with a gift for the guests to take home and she even made a kids box filled with fun toys.  Every person that was there was made to feel like the honored guests that they were.  They had a golden cake and a donut tower…and a dessert table…I mean, if you didn’t love one thing you were sure to find some kind of dessert that you could enjoy.

I want to go back and photograph this day.  This couple…they are stunning.   You see it at first glance.  But the crazy thing is Kelsie has this way about her and she has no idea just how stunning she is.  Her personality is what you remember even though she is so beautiful. I saw it in the way she made everyone feel cared for around her.   I LOVED that about her.   Colton, he surprised me.  I thought of him as a strong silent type of guy.  Haha…I was so wrong.  I mean not that he wasn’t either of those things.  But he was funny, outgoing, had everyone laughing as he gave a toast to his friends and family…and then to Kelsie.  What a great couple!  I’m so honored to have photographed their beautiful wedding…to have met their sweet family and friends.

It was such a beautiful day and I can not wait to share it here.

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At the end of this post will be all the lovely vendors that helped make this day special for Kelsie and Colton.   Congrats Kelsie and Colton…truly a beautiful day/event to be part of.  I wish you both the best in your next adventure!

Elizabeth Ann Photography | Kreatid Photography

Venue, Wedding Coordinator, Florist, Bakery | The Pinery at the Hill

Hair Stylist | Splash Hair

Makeup Artist | Heather Baker

Bridal Gown | Matthew Christopher Bridal

Bridesmaids Gowns | Rent the Runway wearing Badgley Mischka

Groom and Groomen Attire | Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse

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    Sarah G - Holy wow!!!! Your colors and style are amazing. And this wedding…. Just wow! Beautifully shot!ReplyCancel

So much to love about this session.  I loved all the different and unique spots that Courtney and Dan had found in Denver.  I had  met them a few months ago at the Space Gallery where they will be having their wedding next year.  And I knew I wanted to photograph them.  They are eclectic and fun and also, they sold me when they mentioned they were having food trucks at their wedding.  I mean….REALLY!?  That is so cool haha.  We had so much fun walking around and exploring the various urban places that Denver has to offer.  What I loved…I could see they were a touch nervous in the beginning…towards the end they felt completely comfortable and at ease for their photos.  That is my goal every time.  And when I can start seeing their personalities shine through…even better.  What a sweet couple!  For now, here are a few of my favorites from their session last night.

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I met Kait at a wedding I photographed this summer at the Boulder Wedgewood Event Center.  I remember her coming to say goodbye to my bride.  She had helped coordinate their beautiful day and she just has an easy way about her that I loved.  She ended up calling me a month later telling me how much she LOVED the images of my brides wedding and that she was planning her own and would I be interested in being her photographer.  UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, yes.  What an incredible honor to have been asked by someone who sees tons of weddings.

There is something to be said for a relationship/friendship that starts so easy like this.  Paul and Kait, I know I say this a lot…maybe its a theme with my couples lol, but they are so comfortable with each other and readily laughed…even though I did make them wake up WAY too early haha.  I loved hiking and exploring Mt. Falcon with them.  No one was there at the time…okay, maybe a random determined runner here or there.  But it was so quite and peaceful.  The colors just before dawn…well, and in particular this dawn were breathtaking.  Reds, orange, deep blues and purples.  I’ve never seen one like this.  We literally had about 15 minutes of sun before it dipped behind these clouds so it was so worth it that we were there early.  Not only that, a whole herd of deer decided they wanted to be in the same field for photos as we did.  So if you are picturing a very serene setting for an engagement session…you would be correct.  Congrats Paul and Kait…what a beautiful day getting to photograph you guys.  I absolutely loved getting to spend time with you and so look forward to your wedding in January!

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Jaw dropping views and portraits at sunset, a stunning venue surrounded by beautiful pine trees and gardens, an intimate ceremony with just Kevin and Laura’s closest friends and family…simply a wedding that I fell in love with.  This couple made me laugh all day.  Sarcastic and witty and oh so charming.  I could not wait to get up a little preview of their wedding day.  I’ll be posting several more through out the next month.

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Kevin and Laura, so honored to have been chosen as your wedding photographer.  Can not wait to share the rest!

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    Christine Pignataro Rysz - Beautiful pictures!ReplyCancel