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I’ve been excited to share this wedding from the moment I met Debbie and Dillon for their engagement session.   They are both so smart, funny and extremely witty.  But not only that, just completely down to earth and easy to laugh with kind of couple.  They hug you and make you feel like you’ve known them for years.  I watched both of them visit with all their guests and each person they stopped and met with had a huge smile on their face.  Oh and their toasts…ahhh, some of the most beautiful things, and absolutely hilarious stories were shared about Debbie and Dillon. I always feel that the best toast has a little bit of making fun or roasting as they call it of the couple.  😉  And Debbie and Dillon’s friends did not disappoint.   I have to say that what stands out completely about this couple for me is how much they adore each other.  Seriously, they were so affectionate and just seemed to really be taking in the day and what it meant to them.  Absolutely breathtaking to photograph and to watch.  I love this couple and I could not be happier to share their wedding.   From the gorgeous floral details to the stunning boulder rock and creek along side Planet Bluegrass…this is simply a wedding you don’t want to miss.  I’ve posted more to my facebook page if you’d like to check those out head on over with this link:

Elizabeth Ann Photography

To the many talented vendors that helped make this wedding shine for Debbie and Dillon…so honored to have worked with you!   I’l be sharing their links at the end of this post so check there for inspiration as well!

Thank you again Debbie and Dillon.  Your wedding was filled with so many heartfelt and beautiful moments.  So happy to have been chosen as your photographer!  Many blessings to you guys and your new marriage!

Elizabeth Ann Photography | 2nd Photographer Spika Photography
Venue | Planet Bluegrass
Wedding Coordinator | Brittany Barry with Prive Events
Florist | Prive Events
Catering | Pastures of Plenty
DJ | A+ Entertainment
Donuts and Apple Pie’s | YA YA Farm & Orchard
Cake | Lucky’s Bakehouse & Creamery
Bridal Gown | a&bé bridal shop wearing Katie May
Bridesmaids | Urban Outfitters and BHLDN
Bridal Jewelery | Custom Sara Watts Jewelry
Grooms Attire | Custom suit from Brooks Brothers
Groomsmen | Taylor Stitch
Ties and socks | TheTieBar.com

  • October 20, 2016 - 9:45 pm

    Jessica Kornacki - Wow! These are absolutely amazing! This almost feels like a styled shoot because it is so perfect.ReplyCancel

  • October 20, 2016 - 11:45 pm

    Melissa Trout - Absolutely gorgeous! I’m obsessed with this venue and you did a lovely job capturing it!ReplyCancel

A wedding in a Castle….I mean this is true fairy tale status.  You drive into the Cherokee Ranch and Castle and you can’t help but be awestruck.  Gorgeous architecture, arches, gargoyles, vines and beautiful doors fill this amazing place.  It was simply beautiful.  Then you bring in Melissa and Scott, a couple that invites you into their day and makes you feel as if you’ve been friends forever.  I watched as these two laughed and hugged their family through out the day.  You couldn’t help but smile back with them.  I loved Scott’s expression when Melissa walked down the aisle towards him.  He looked like he lost the very air to breathe.  And Melissa…ahhh, her expression, STUNNING.  She was a woman in love and so happy.  Gosh I love my job.  That I get to have a front row to such beautiful and emotional moments….I don’t take it lightly.

 The reception under a canopy of lights was amazing.  The floral details, candlelit tables, and above…they had twinkling lights for a ceiling!  I mean…this is an gorgeous place to get married at!  And the guests, they surrounded Melissa and Scott and celebrated all through out the night.  Whether it was catching up with old friends or dancing into the night…you could tell it was going to be a wedding to be remembered.  At the end of the night the guests all lined up out the door to send off Melissa and Scott in the Vintage Rolls Royce.   Seriously a gorgeous car.

So many talented and amazing vendors helped shape and create this beautiful day for Melissa and Scott.  At the end of this post will be a link to their websites or facebook pages.  I’ve also shared a few more on my facebook page if you would like to take a look, here is a link:

Elizabeth Ann Photography 

Congrats Melissa and Scott!  I absolutely adored being your photographer for your beautiful day.  You both were so giving and gracious!   Many blessings to you guys on your new marriage!

Elizabeth Ann Photography | 2nd PhotographerSpika Photography
Venue | Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation
Wedding Coordinator and Florist | Isabelle Kline Design
Catering and Cake | Three Tomatoes Catering
Bridal Gown | Anna bé Bridal Boutique wearing Monique Lhuillier
Shoes | Badgley Mischka
Grooms Attire | Nordstrom wearing HUGO BOSS
Hair Stylist | Sopheer Sans Hair
Makeup Artist | MAC Cosmetics Rachael Schipke

  • October 20, 2016 - 6:11 pm

    Melissa Trout - Straight out of a fairytale indeed! What a gorgeous wedding!ReplyCancel

  • October 20, 2016 - 8:04 pm

    Christie - Beautiful style you have. Love the way you use light. Awesome work, and inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • October 20, 2016 - 9:46 pm

    Ginny - You can totally tell weddings are your knack! Beautiful as always!ReplyCancel

Casey contacted me last year asking if I would photograph a session with her hubby and their sweet fur baby.  They will have been married 6 years at the time of the session.  Why not?   Haha…I think its often assumed couple portraits are for the engaged, the newly married or for the families.    I was at a wedding last week and photographing the toasts.  One of the bridesmaids told the newly married couple, may this be the day that you love each other the least.   At first I was like wait…what?  Love each other the least…how is that possible? Haha, then it dawned on me.  Of course the wedding day you should love each other the least.  SO many years to grow, change, laugh, cry, go on adventures, get older together.   Its a beautiful toast.  And one I can get behind.  I’ve been married to my hubby for 15 years.  I can say I love him differently than when we were newly weds.  I’m sure Casey and Dan can say the same.  6 years of life and learning to give and take.  Its no small thing.  So I say get those couple sessions.  Photograph the change…continue to show the world how much you care about each other.   Happy Anniversary Casey and Dan!

Chris and Mackenzie’s wedding day was filled with amazing sunlight, crazy high wind, the most beautiful floral details and the sweetest bridal party…yes, it was all of those things.  But honestly, the emotional moments really took this one for me.  I loved how happy this couple was.  That they laughed, danced, hugged, and had tears of happiness with their friends.  Maybe not Chris on that last part 😉  I loved watching these two with their guests.  Everyone was made to feel so special and welcomed.  I loved that they would also dance through out the night with each other.  It sounds weird to say that…but often the couple are visiting so much with their guests that you don’t see them with each other and living in the moment of their day.   When Mackenzie and Chris made their grand exit…the guests were lined with lavender to throw at the couple as they left.  Everyone was laughing and cheering for this sweet couple.  I admit, there are times when I would love to just go back and revisit a wedding day and this was one of them.  Congrats Chris and Mackenzie, simply wish you both the best in your next adventure.

If you’d like to see more of this sweet wedding, head on over to my facebook page

Elizabeth Ann Photography

At the end of this post I’ll be sharing all the lovely and oh so talented vendors that helped make this day possible for Chris and Mackenzie.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with all of you!  <3

For now, here are a few favorites from their wedding day!

Elizabeth Ann Photography | 2nd Photographer Kreatid photography
Venue | Spruce Mountain Ranch
Wedding Coordinator | Erin Hehn
Florist | Down the Aisle by Maria
Cake | Whipped Bakery
Catering | Cravings Catering
DJ | A Plus Music
Makeup Artist | Cynthia Mazzara with Magnifica Bella
Hair Stylist | Tawny Palm with Shear Elegance
Bridal Gown | Nordstrom wearing Hayley Paige
Boots | Lane
Bridesmaids | Nordstrom wearing Eliza J Dresses
Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Stephan Geoffrey from Wedding Treasures
Bowties | The Tie Bar

  • October 13, 2016 - 5:18 pm

    Jill - Holy crap, woman! That light! Lovely details and colors!ReplyCancel

  • October 13, 2016 - 5:41 pm

    Michele with one L - What a beautiful day, and your images are PERFECTION! Dreamy light, joyful couple, amazing venue — absolutely stunning in every way!ReplyCancel

  • October 13, 2016 - 11:01 pm

    Valeria - So perfect and beautiful from beginning to end! <3ReplyCancel

What a beautiful place to get married at.  The Silverthorne Town Pavilion sits right next to a beautiful creek with gorgeous views of the mountains.  Amanda and Cory shared their vows right off a path near that creek.  SO beautiful.   There were so many beautiful and sweet moments through out their wedding.  I loved that they brought in their blind fur baby chief for a few portraits with him.  When Cory and Amanda would call for him he would come with all the sweet energy and love for them.  It was so adorable to see.

I will be sharing so many images from  this wedding and day through out the next month.  To stay updated head on over to my facebook page

Elizabeth Ann Photography

For now, here are a few highlights of their beautiful mountain wedding!  Congrats Amanda and Cory!  I can not wait to share more.